Our Services

Music Videos

The team at Trademark have a wealth of experience when it comes to directing, choreographing and promoting KICK-ASS VIDEOS.

PR & Publicity

We offer a wide range of PR and Publicity services that will make your name and artistry known to the WORLD! 


Trademark provides casting services for clients from our robust catalogue. Our casting covers dancers, models, actors and other special talent. We cast talent for a wide array of projects, such as music videos, films, events, live performances and commercials. 


Trademark offers full management services. We manage everyone from musicians, influencers and DJs, to producers, personalities and podcasters. We supply a team that help with promotion, marketing, management, bookings, public relations and so much more.

Artist Development

Trademark helps artists cultivate an authentic and unique brand. We provide creatives with the education and resources they need to maximize their talent. We provide public relations assistance (e.g. interviews) and help artists book gigs. 

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